Travellers Garden

Travellers Garden [Camping]

We are super proud to announce this year’s Travellers Garden.

This is you first stop and home for the weekend on this magical journey. Meet up with other Travellers and discover the surroundings which are beyond your imagination. The language in the Travellers Garden is music what means that no matter where you from all Travellers will understand each other.

Settle down, find some rest and look at the stars with your new made friends. Build up your own tent and create your very own part of the Kingdom. For camping choose Weekender + Travellers Garden [Camping] ticket in our shop. It is not possible to buy a separate camping ticket this year!

CAMPEr parking

Camper, or WOMO as it’s called in Germany, is a special place where you can bring your own camper or caravan.

Enjoy the feeling of being at home and drive straight to your spot in the Garden. The space is designed for a vehicle and has a size of about 9x6m. Make sure you do not exceed this area. This spot is your own little kingdom, where you can build small tents or party tents to get together with other Travellers and share all your incredible moments. If you opt for this option, you will get a 220V power supply, which you can only reach with your own cable (about 25m). Don’t forget to get your Weekender + Travellers Garden (Camping) ticket first. WOMO ticket is only for your parking slot at WOMO parking area. 

Pre-build tents

Next to the option to bring your own tent, we offer pre-pitched tents — that means we do all the heavy lifting for you. We even have a Deluxe pre-pitched option, so you don’t even need to bring a mattress or sleeping bag either! Just pack some adventurous outfits and make your way to the Kingdom: your home for the weekend is already awaiting your arrival. Prices for pre-pitched tents start from €115,00 per person and are valid only in combination with Weekender + Travellers Garden [Camping] ticket.