Royal Garden

Welcome to the Royal Garden [VIP Camping] of the Kingdom of New Horizons. A magical place where people from all over the world meet and friendships are made. The place in the Kingdom where you can recharge your batteries and come together with other Travellers to share your experiences.

This will be the first thing you will discover on this unforgettable journey. Enjoy 3 nights with the full camping experience by choosing the Royal Garden.

The Royal Garden offers different pre-build overnight options. By choosing one of those you will save time and can focus more on preparing yourself for all those incredible moments ahead of you.

The Royal Garden is within walking distance of the gate which will lead you to the center of the Kingdom. Be wise and save yourself a spot in Royal Garden to be part of the full story of the Kingdom of New Horizons.

Here are the options you can choose from:

Luxury Safari Lodge

All packages include three overnight stays, parking ticket and a lot more. All packages are valid only in combination with Weekender + Travellers Garden [Camping] ticket.