Dear Traveller to New Horizons Festival, You’ll find all necessary information for your journey to New Horizons Festival here. Miss something or still need help? Don’t hesitate to reach out via Facebook Messenger!

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You can reach us via Facebook Messenger or send an e-mail to info@newhorizons-festival.com . During the festival, we’re happy to help you out at our info desk.


Open hours festival:
Thursday 22th August 15h00 – 03h00
Friday the 23th of August from 15h00 – 03h00
Saturday the 24th of August from 15h00 – 03h00


Wednesday, Aug 21 2019
Campsite opens at 12:00
Pre-party for campers

Thursday, Aug 22 2019
Festival open at 15:00
Festival closes at 03:00

Friday, Aug 23 2019
Festival open at 15:00
Festival closes at 03:00

Saturday, Aug 24 2019
Festival open at 15:00
Festival closes at 03:00

Sunday, Aug 25 2019
Campsite closes at 14:00

1.3 WHAT HAPPENS ON Wednesday?

We promised you 4 nights of party and we’re going to put our money where our mouth is. We will host a special pre-party on Wednesday (the 21th of August 2019) for all those Travellers staying at the Basic, Comfort, Royal or WOMO campsite. Arriving on Wednesday? Make sure to be prepared for a crazy night full of fun! The location of the pre-party will be announced upfront on our website and socials.


Navigation address: Nürburgring Boulevard 1, 53520 Nürburg, Germany
When heading to the festival, just navigate to the Nürburgring. There, you’ll find signs showing you the way to New Horizons Festival.


New Horizons Festival is for everyone who is at least 16 years old. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to attend the festival if you’re under 16 years of age on the first festival day (the 22th of August, 2019). Needless to say that if you are too young but interested in coming, we are grateful and hope you’ll come and explore New Horizons in the coming year(s)!

1.5.1 Festivalground

For teenager from the age of 16, access to concerts and musical performances is permitted even after midnight without the assistance of a person entitled to custody. Participation in concerts and music performances after midnight is also possible for young people from the age of 16, without a parenting order (“Muttizettel”).
The above rules apply exclusively to concerts and musical performances and not to any dance events in the area of ​​the event area. Please bring both your festival ticket and valid ID when you enter the New Horizons campsite or festival. The statutory provisions of the Youth Protection Act (JuSchG) apply.


Under 16 years the access to the camping areas is not allowed. Also, for visitors aged 16-17 years, the visit to the Silent Party is not allowed after midnight. The statutory provisions of the Youth Protection Act (JuSchG) apply.


During the festival, we’ll provide sufficient assistance at our first aid wards. You can find their exact locations on our festival map, which we will share with you on both our website as well as our social media channels in August. If you need any assistance or notice someone who does, please make it a priority to contact the security staff, as they will show you the way to our medical staff or assist the medical staff to get to you. Do you already know you’ll need medical support? Feel free to contact us and we’ll make sure to put you in touch with the right members of staff.

Our security is your main go-to for all questions on site. Feel free to ask for help whenever! To ensure a safe and pleasant festival experience, please make sure to obey all instructions given by them.

At New Horizons Festival, we will have a temporary police station. If you run into any kind of trouble, feel free to contact them and ask for assistance. If you want to know where the station is located, check out the festival map that will be published on our website and social media channels in August.


Visiting a festival is always at your own risk. Please make sure to take care of yourself and your fellow-Travellers.

  •  Please take care of your ears! With music playing louder than 87 dB, it’s strongly recommended to use earplugs with a special filter. These will allow you to hear the music perfectly while conversations remain intelligible and, most importantly, it helps prevent hearing-damage (as well as that super annoying ringing in your ears post-party!). During New Horizons Festival, the very comfortable Alpine PartyPlug earplugs will be available at the Information points and at the Lost & Found booths. The PartyPlug earplugs are reusable, so there’s no reason not to get them!
  •  Always keep an eye on the weather. Summer in northern Europe means that any and every type of weather can (and probably will) make an appearance at some point! Come prepared, –and try an extra sun salutation in the morning to hope for the best.
  •  Drink responsibly. Too much alcohol can ruin your festival experience. It can even lead to an abrupt ending of your weekend: people who are so drunk that they become aggressive, intimidate others, or damage our or other’s property, will be removed from the event immediately.
  •  You found someone you really, really like at New Horizons Festival? Yay! But be mindful and consider your options; better safe (sex) than sorry! Oh, and please don’t wake your neighbours.


We keep a strict zero-tolerance policy when it comes to drugs at New Horizons. When you are found to be in possession of drugs, you will be denied access to the festival or you will be removed from the festival site. If we find drugs on you or you show drug-typical behavior, we will dismiss you from the festival and camping groundsand we will hand you over to the authorities. Drug-dealers will be handed over to the police in all cases.


Everybody should have the opportunity to explore New Horizons Festival. We do not tolerate any racist or sexist statements or actions! If you cannot be respectful at all times, you will be dismissed from the festival. If you feel harassed in any way, please make sure to let security know. ‘No’ always means no!


We will supervise main areas of the festival area with cameras. We do this for your own safety and not to spy on you!


If you have misplaced something, please head to the Lost & Found booth. If your missing item has been found, they will instruct you on how to recollect it. In case you lost items at the festival area, please go to the information desk. In case you lost anything at the Garden Area (campsite), please go to the campsite information booth.

After the festival, we will hand all retrieved items over to the ALDA Germany office. You can send us an email with the subject “lost” or subject “found”.


Of course, New Horizons Festival is also accessible to Travellers with a disability. There will be a special entrance as well as special toilets at several locations. There will be no separate areas or specific platforms for people with a disability. In most areas, you should be able to enjoy the festival surrounded by your friends without any issues, though you might need a little hand from them to get reach certain places.

If you want to go camping at New Horizons, you can. However, please note that the campsite is quite steep. If you want to camp at the Travellers Garden, we recommend you to contact us so we can jointly examine what would work best for you.

If you have a “B”-pass, indicating that you need an assistant, the assistant is welcome free of charge. Please bring your pass to the New Horizons Festival entrance.

If you have a disability and would like more information regarding our policy and accessibility, please contact us on Facebook Messenger or via email.


You can bring your medical equipment to the festival area when it’s packed safely and can’t cause any harm to any fellow Travellers. Please make sure that you bring a medical certificate from your general practitioner to avoid issues at the entrance. Animals are forbidden at our festival, also including service animals such as assistance dogs. If you have specific questions or have an assistance animal, please e-mail us.

1.14 WATER

There will be free drinking water at the festival area and campsite near the toilets.


– The organiser is not liable for damage or loss incurred through burglary, theft, fire, natural events and other occurrences. The limitations in number I (liability of the organiser) apply. Valuables can be left in the lockers in the left luggage area. The organiser is not responsible for items left in lockers.

– The organiser is not liable for damage to health and hearing, including hearing damage, unless the organiser or his agents are shown to have acted intentionally or negligently, or a legal duty to implement and maintain safety was culpably neglected. Visitors should keep a safe distance from speakers. Barriers installed around the site must be respected. The use of earplugs is strongly recommended, especially near the stages.

Visitors are liable for culpably caused damage. Please always follow the instructions of security personnel.


You’re a reliable and honest person? Great! Wouldn’t the world be a lovely place if everybody was a little bit more like you? Unfortunately, that’s not the case (yet?). To protect yourself against burglary, please:

  •  Take only the valuables you really need. Your tent, bag nor car are safe storage places. We are not accountable for any of your losses
  •  There will be lockers available so you won’t have to carry your valuables around all day.
  •  You’ll probably want to keep some money and your phone with you. A bum bag is a perfect way to carry any valuables with you and it (hopefully) allows you to notice when someone is trying to open it.

There are lockers available at various locations. You are not allowed to bring any type of big bag onto the festival site. Please note that we advise all Travellers who stay at one of the Gardens to use a locker at the Garden Areas, as you can’t enter the festival area after closing time.



You can buy your tickets via our website by clicking here. Please note that you need to buy a separate camping- and parking ticket if you would like to make use of those facilities during your stay at New Horizons Festival. You can easily upgrade your regular ticket to a VIP ticket by adding an upgrade in the New Horizons Festival ticketshop.

We will have nine ticket phases in total; the Loyal Travellers, Early Travellers, Laid Back Travellers, Winter Travellers, Regular Traveller, Summer Traveller, Late Traveller, Super Late Traveller. Buy your ticket as early as possible to avoid price increases!


This years Travellers Garden consist of four different campsites:

  1. Basic Camping
  2. Comfort Camping
  3. Royal Camping
  4. WOMO Camping

The Royal Garden is a VIP campsite with only pre-pitched accommodations and extra luxury. You can upgrade with a 4-day breakfast package. Packages can be requested through our travel agent. Parking tickets for the Royal Parking is always included in your package.

At the comfort camping, you’re free to bring your own gear or book a pre setup 1, 2 or 4 persons tent.

WOMO Travellers need to buy a WOMO weekend ticket per person and a WOMO ticket per vehicle.

Royal Garden Travellers can enter the Royal Camping and the Comfort Camping, while Comfort Camping Travellers can only enter the Comfort Camping.

Basic camping Travellers only have access to the basic camping, which has a supermarket and sanitary facilities. As a basic camper you don’t have access to the comfort camping with fun activities such as pool party, silent disco and community area.

WOMO Travellers can use all facilities of the Travellers Garden.

Hotel guests are not allowed to enter the Gardens.

Please note that you always have to buy your parking ticket separate from your Travellers Garden Ticket. Basic camping can only buy basic parking tickets, Comfort camping can only buy comfort parking tickets and royal garden can only buy royal parking tickets. Basic parking is the longest walk to the camping/festival and Royal the shortest walk.

You can get your Travellers Garden Ticket here.

You can choose your Royal Garden Ticket, including preferred pre-pitched tent here.

You can find the right parking ticket to match your needs here.


New Horizons Festival recommends to stay at one of the New Horizons Festival hotels. These hotels are the nearest to the festival site; it’s just a short hop to the festival Gate. The packages can be booked on our travel page. These packages always include a 3 Day Pass.

Lindner Hotel Eifeldorf Grüne Hölle (3*)
53520 Nürburg, Germany

Lindner Congress & Motorsport Hotel (4*)
53520 Nürburg, Germany


Festival Tickets

  • 3-Day Pass
  • 3-Day Pass + Basic Camping
  • 3-Day Pass + Comfort Camping
  • 3-Day Pass + WOMO Camping
  • 3-Day VIP Pass
  • 3-Day VIP Pass + Basic Camping
  • 3-Day VIP Pass + Comfort Camping
  • 3-Day VIP Pass + WOMO Camping


Parking Tickets

  •  Parking 3-Day Pass Festival
  •  Parking Comfort Garden
  •  Parking Basic Garden
  •  Parking WOMO
  •  VIP Parking 3-Day Pass Festival

A parking ticket is included when you book a pre set-up package on the Royal Garden.


  •  VIP Upgrade 3-Day Pass
  •  VIP Parking 3-Day Pass [only usefull in combination with VIP festival ticket]


  • VIP Festival tickets include:
  •  VIP Entrance
  •  Access to different VIP Decks with extra bars (drinks and food are not included)
  •  Premium toilets at VIP Decks.

Travel Packages

Please contact our travel agent to book your Royal Garden Camping Ticket, or to find your perfect travel package!


When you buy your tickets via Eventim, the advance booking-fee and account management-fee are included. Though common at German festivals, we won’t ask a deposit for waste. We trust you to use the designated bins and to be mindful of the environment.

3. How to travel to New Horizons Festival?

Going by car might be the easiest way to carry all your luggage, but please make sure to stay ‘zen’ if you end up in traffic jams. To make the trip less frustrating for all Travellers and locals, just follow the signs indicating where to go. Every car at New Horizons Festival requires a parking ticket. Please buy the parking ticket upfront, to help minimise delay upon arrival.

Motorbike parking is free of charge, but you’ll need to park your motorbike on a regular parking spot. Remember to snap a photo of the location where you parked your vehicle, in order to help retrace it upon going home.

Navigation address: Nürburgring Boulevard 1, 53520 Nürburg, Germany


It’s very straightforward to book yourself a bus ticket. We are working with a lot of different travel partners to organize trips from nearly every large city in Germany, but also from several other international destinations. To those heading to our beautiful Kingdom; check out the latest offers from our travel partners here.

It’s a long walking distance to the festival and camping from the public buses busstop.


Yes, there will be shuttle busses running from the main train station in Koblenz as well as from Cologne/Bonn Airport.

More info soon!


Be aware that there are few (if any!) taxis in the region where New Horizons Festival takes place. Please make sure to prepare your travels in advance and to plan it thoroughly. We advice you to arrange another transportation than a taxi.


We will have some nice parking spots to park your wheels of steel.


The nearest airport to the Kingdom of New Horizons is Cologne / Bonn (CGN). From there, you can take public transportation or use one of the New Horizons shuttle services to get to the festival.

4 Entering New Horizons Festival

4.1 Where to get my Wristband?

We will publish our festival map before the start of the event on our website and social media channels, showing all the entrances. Make sure to check the map and the entrance stated on your ticket to arrive at the correct Gate.


Please make sure to bring your New Horizons Festival ticket with you (printed or on mobile), as well as a valid identity card. We will check your identify card or passport to verify your age and identity. New Horizons Festival has a minimum age limit of 16 years old; we can’t let you in if you are not yet 16 on the first festival day (22 August, 2019).


At the campsite entrance and at the Gate to the festival area, you and your bag(s) will be checked. Please be aware that police and/or security might also search your car upon arriving at New Horizons Festival.

We hope you understand that these checks can take some time. It’s for your own safety, of course! You can shorten the wait by leaving everything you’re not allowed to bring at home.


A well-prepared Traveller = a happy Traveller. Please note that big bags or backpacks will not be allowed onto the festival site. We strongly advise you to bring a small handbag (DIN A4 size maximum) to keep your belongings, and to leave everything you don’t need in your tent, car or at home. We have a small amount of lockers just before the festival gate for you to store a bigger bag. Please read our forbidden items list carefully (5.1 forbidden items).

To transport your baggage to the campsite, you can use a trolley, backpack, etc. However, it is not allowed to take a car trailer to the Travellers Garden (campsite).


The campsite, festival grounds and parking area are all within a few minutes walking distance. A relaxing stroll to start and end the day! New this year is the Basic Camping, this is the longest way to the festival.


Day visitors: once you left the festival site, it is not possible to regain access. This also applies to people who stay over but only have a day ticket.

Weekend: you can leave and re-enter the festival site, but you’re not allowed to bring any food or drinks into the Festival. We will work with e-gates, which means you can’t enter without a wristband or e-ticket. Your wristband will be scanned at each entrance or exit.

Camping/Hotel + Festival Ticket: you can move freely in between the campsite/hotel and the festival site. Once officially registered and in possession of a Travellers Garden wristband, you are allowed to bring more drinks onto the camping

5 How to behave at New Horizons Festival and the Garden Areas (campsites)?

5.1 Forbidden Items

Please be aware that police and security will do a body-search and, if needed, they will check your vehicle upon arrival –even if you’re just looking to park your car. Be aware that different rules apply for the campsite, make sure to read those guidelines below. The following items are prohibited at New Horizons Festival:


Ø  Guns and other weapons of any kind
Ø  Saws, axes and similar tools
Ø  Fireworks, sparklers, star lights and other pyrotechnic articles (including Bengali fire); confetti guns
Ø  Chairs and seating furniture (camping tables and -chairs are allowed)
Ø  Wood and firewood
Ø  Environmentally hazardous substances and liquids; the use of gas bottles outside of camper vans; and caravans with gas systems which are not officially approved
Ø  Glass bottles and other glass containers
Ø  Loud hailers, megaphones, vuvuzelas and similar items
Ø  Acid batteries
Ø  Model aircrafts, drones and guideless flight systems
Ø  Large sound systems (see point 6.9)
Ø  Lamp oil (paraffin)
Ø  Drugs in any form
Ø  Open fire, torches
Ø  Laser pointers
Ø  Mobile two-way transmission systems
Ø  Recording equipment: professional sound, photo and video equipment is prohibited
Ø  Cameras with interchangeable lenses
Ø  Gas cylinders
Ø  Gas cartridges
Ø  Generators
Ø  Toxic, flammable or explosive materials
Ø  Graffiti aerosols and markers
Ø  Motorcycles
Ø  Water pipes
Ø  Flag poles
Ø  Bicycles, skateboards or similar means of transport
Ø Football team shirts

Carrying any of the above or similar objects can lead to the refusal of the vehicle and to the exclusion of the visitor from the event already on arrival. Any such items will be confiscated without replacement and shall not be returned.


It is only allowed to bring your own foods and drinks to the Camping. It is strictly prohibited to bring glass to the campsite. It is not allowed to bring your drinks from the camping to the festival.


You can take compact cameras and mobile phones with cameras with you to take pictures. Audio- and video recorders are forbidden. Please leave your selfie sticks at home: it could cause harm to your fellow-Travellers. You are not allowed to bring professional audio-, photo- or video equipment, like cameras with changeable lenses or zoom lenses, tape recorders, voice recorders or similar gadgets. Please be aware that the use of drones is strictly prohibited, both at the festival area as well as the campsite.

Official filming and photography will take place throughout the festival. Video recordings and photographs may be reproduced and distributed for media coverage and documentation in print, DVD, TV and online (e.g. homepage, social networks, etc.). By entering the festival site, visitors consent to their likeness and voice to be included on film and photographs and to their use in any of the outlined ways without compensation and without restrictions in terms of time, space or content.

Visitors irrevocably consent to the appearance of their likeness and voice in photographs, live broadcast, video and sound recordings made or commissioned by the organiser or third parties in connection to the event/concert, as well as their subsequent exploitation in all current and future media (especially sound or video storage media, as well as digital forms of dissemination, e.g. via the internet) without claim to compensation. 


As it can be very harmful for both you as well as your fellow visitors, we don’t allow crowd surfing at the festival. If you feel like trying it anyway, please be aware that you will be asked to leave the premises and you won’t be allowed to return.

Also mosh pits, circle pits, walls of death, as well as the use of fireworks (e.g. Bengal fires) and other activities that put the health of other Travellers at risk, are strictly prohibited. Anyone violating these rules will be excluded from the event.


Festivals are great fun for you, but not for your pets. That’s why (among other reasons) we don’t allow any animals onsite. This also includes the camping- and parking areas. If you have an assistance animal, like a guide dog, please contact the organisation so we can look for a solution.


Collecting deposits through the collection of festival waste (especially bottles, cups, cartons or tins with deposits) is prohibited! If you do so anyway, your collected items will be confiscated and you can be dismissed from the festival.


It’s not allowed to play loud music or make a lot of noise at the Garden (camping) areas from 22:00 until 6:00. We will all get along much better during the day if we get the sleep we need at night.

You can bring a small sound system to the campsite, but not to the festival area. A maximum of 2 speakers (1kW per speaker) is allowed, but no subwoofers. Please use your sound system wisely by not disturbing any other guests and please follow the instructions of our security staff. Trust us, between 22:00 and 6:00 is not the best time to test your sound system. That is to say; it is not allowed. 


The distribution of flyers and other promotional materials on the festival area and campsite is not allowed. Companies interested in cooperating with us are welcome to get in touch with info@aldaevents.de. The advertising value and cleaning costs for illegally distributed materials will be charged to the originator.


Please be aware that racism is not allowed! We will take immediate and decisive action against any racial, sexual, homophobic and other harassment. Offenders will be expelled from the event site. Banned symbols and neo-nazi music of any kind are strictly prohibited! For further information, rules and advice please refer to the festival homepage

6 How to prepare for the Travellers and Royal Garden (campsite)?

6.1 Opening Hours

The campsite is open from Wednesday August 21, 12:00 until Sunday August 25, 14:00.

Opening hours to check in at the campsite:

  • Wednesday12:00 – 00:00
  • Thursday 08:00 – 00:00
  •  Friday 08:00 – 00:00
  •  Saturday 08:00 – 00:00
  •  Sunday closed



  1. Basic Camping: Bring your own tent (max 4 m² per person)
  2. Comfort Camping: Bring your own tents (max 4 m² per person) or book a pre set-up tent
  3. WOMO:
    – A WOMO space is max 6 x 6 metres. Does the size of your vehicle exceed those measurements? Send an email to info@newhorizons-festival.com.

– WOMO spaces are suitable for 1 camper, caravan, pop-up caravan.
– You’re allowed to place smaller tents / party tents at the WOMO spot.
– To make use of the power (220V) close to a WOMO spot, you’ll need to bring your own extension cable with a minimum 25 metres.

– It is not allowed to place tents for sleeping at the WOMO spot.


– Pre set-up accommodation includes a parking spot.



Electricity (220V) is included for the WOMOs and of course in your hotel package. There will be power outlets at designated areas at the Royal and Travellers Garden (campsite), but availability may vary.

Especially when you’re staying at the Travellers Garden, please be aware that access to an electricity outlet is not a given. The Royal Garden accommodations all come with electricity, except for the Tipi.

Come prepared and bring that extra (charged!) battery pack to enjoy the best camping experience.


Barbecues are allowed, except between 22:00 and 8:00. The use of liquid barbecue lighters, alcohol, fuel and other flammable liquids is strictly prohibited. For safety reasons, open fires are prohibited anywhere on the festival area and campsite. Smoking is prohibited in wooded areas. Barbecues are allowed both with disposable barbecues as well as tripod barbecues. Gas stoves have to be technically intact. You are only allowed to carry gas cylinders with a maximum of 450g. filling weight.

To avoid fire, please handle your barbecue or gas stove with care. Do not leave them unattended, not even when cooling down. Don’t use alcohol, fuel or other flammable liquids. In case of fire, please call security personnel immediately! In case of extreme weather, barbecuing could temporarily be prohibited.

Camping vehicles, and their gas installations specifically, have to be technically intact. Before arrival, you can come across police checks and we might check your gas installations from time to time as well. Please make sure that your certificates are up to date!

Love your neighbours and your planet; please take care of yourself, your fellow-Travellers and the environment.


Bengal fires, open fires, bonfires and all fireworks are strictly prohibited and anyone found in possession or using them will be penalised.


There will be restrooms and warm water showers at the travellers garden (Basic, Comfort, Royal, Womo camping) You can use them as often as you want, but stay mindful of the environment.


Though common in Germany, we require no waste-deposit. We trust you to use the designated bins and to not cause any harm to our environment!


The admissible space per person in the Travellers Garden (camping) area is maximum 4m.². We recommend sharing tents when possible; much cosier that way! If you have a bigger tent, please be aware that the size of a bigger tent cannot exceed the pitch size to be used by the smaller tents. If you bring a WOMO, the maximum size of the pitch is 6 x 6 metres.Also, we regret to inform you that trampolines, big inflatable objects, bouncing castles and their likes are prohibited as well.


Please note that driving onto the Garden Areas is not allowed upon arrival or when leaving the campsite premises. Bring yourself a cart, a trolley or a muscle man so you don’t have to carry your stuff. You can only drive your car onto the Travellers Garden (campsite) when putting up your WOMO. A WOMO space is max 6×6 meters, there is space for your WOMO, your car and a additional (party)tent. Does your WOMO exceed those measurements? Send an email to g info@newhorizons-festival.com.

Driving under influence of any substance is prohibited at any time and will get you removed from the festival.


There will be a supermarket at the Travellers Garden (campsite), so you don’t have to stock up. You can access the supermarket at the Travellers Garden when you have a Basic, Comfort, WOMO or a Royal Garden (camping) ticket .



At the Royal Garden, there is a breakfast option via our travel package upgrades

How to pay at New Horizons Festival?


New Horizons Festival will be a Cashless-payment festival.

We’ll put all info regarding entering and paying with your New Horizons Festival wristband online as soon as possible.


Topping up your bracelet or card can be done through cash, debit- or credit card on location. It can also be done via the cashless website. More info soon.


It is possible to retrieve money from your wristband by creating a personalised account after the festival.  

8. Festival & Camping rules

Click below to download our 2018 Camping & Festival Rules:

Camping Rules

Festival Rules